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Funny: Things Paris Hilton Heard In Prison

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Millionaire heiress Paris Hilton has spent her first day in prison for violating her probation on a drink-driving charge.

The 26-year-old began her three-week sentence on Sunday at Los Angeles County Jail.

Due to my extensive network of spies, here's what Paris overheard from prison;

No, we don't have a room service menu.

Versace doesn't make an orange prison jumpsuit.

I assume you're accustomed to people watching you shower.

If you miss your chihuahau, the rats make pretty good pets.

How 'bout this title for your new reality show, "The Prison Life".

I'm big fan! I'm here for illegally downloading video of you off the Internet.

May I have your autograph Miss Lohan?

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