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Funny: Robbers and Cops

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here's a clever student stunt in the UK... exposing five policemen who are unaware of a crime being committed virtually beneath their nose.

The video shows the students walking to a house where they scale the side of it, remove a box and continue on their way while nearby policemen continue chatting, oblivious to the crime committed.

Somebody called Tomorrownight, who claims to have been part of the hoax, posted a comment on YouTube saying the footage was shot during a military parade.

He adds: "We set up the camera opposite our house while all the police were there, opened the window ajar and three of my friends looked like they were breaking in and stole an empty cardboard box.

"If they did talk to us we could just say that it was our house and we were making a video for university or something.

"It is real in so far as there were police there with the opportunity to arrest us but they didn't even notice. There is absolutely no editing."

Superintendent Steve Swales, a local police commander, failed to see the joke. "Spoof material such as this is not helpful."

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