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Sam and Max Webcomic!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Woohoo! This brings so much memories! Sam and Max, baby! I've just recently stumbled upon the webcomic that has been running since late 2006. :D

Sam & Max are a pair of fictional comic book characters who occupy a parody of American popular culture. The characters are probably best known for one of my fave computer game back in 1993, Sam & Max Hit the Road and the more recent Sam & Max episodic series of adventure games.

They are private investigators, or as they like to call themselves, "freelance police". The pair live and work in New York City, but often travel to such places as New Orleans, ancient Egypt, the Philippines, and the Moon.

Their crime fighting technique involves brandishing their oversized guns to intimidate criminals, but more often than not they need to rely on more creative solutions to vanquish evil. When they do use firearms Sam favours a gigantic revolver, while Max prefers a Luger. Sam and Max occasionally receive assignments from a mysterious Commissioner over the phone, but they usually just walk straight into trouble.

Click here! For the webcomic. Oh... the webcomic got nominated for a 2007 Best Digital Comic Eisner Award. Sweet!

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