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Top 15 rejected Star Wars TV Shows

Thursday, June 09, 2005

George Lucas has confirmed that he's working on the Star Wars TV show, a live-action series that will be set in the time between Episodes III and IV, but won't feature the main characters. Production is expected to begin in about a year.

According to an insider, a preliminary brainstorming session were held and these were a some of the ideas for the Star Wars TV show which were... rejected.

Top 15 rejected Star Wars TV Shows
15. Force'd
14. The Emperor's next top Sith
13. Anakin in the Middle
12. Pimp My X-Wing
11. Whose Force Is It Anyway?
10. The Fresh Princess of NaBoo
9. Two Jedi, a Princess and a Wookiee
8. Darth Trump's "The Sith Apprentice"
7. Jedi Idol
6. Who Wants to be a Sith Lord
5. Survivor XII: Tatooine
4. CSI: Coruscant
3. Everybody Loves Palpatine
2. Joe Jedi
1. Queer Eye for the Jedi

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That made me laugh out loud. =D

Cool stuff!
commented by Blogger B, 6/18/2005 10:39:00 pm


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