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Things NOT to say when caught speeding

Friday, June 03, 2005

Looks like the Police restarted their operation to nab traffic offenders who have not paid up their fines again... codenamed Ops Warta IV (Sounds dramatically like Episode IV: Ops Warta).

Anyways, I've listed out some excuses that you should NOT use when caught speeding ler. You know.. just in case you panic:

Alamak... I have no idea how fast I was going - tapi my beer sudah tumpah.

ummm... tak bawak lesen.

Encik, I no speak the Bahasa... only England I is speak.

Nasty little Polisss, we hatess them, don't we preciouss?

Mana tau berapa laju! You tell me le... Encik kan pegang radar!

Umm.. brek rosak.

Mana tau itu kereta Encik... I ingat gangster kejar!

posted by Ivan, 12:22 am


gd job, ivan...i love yur joke.Damn funny!! esp the 'gangster kejar'.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/03/2005 06:08:00 am


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