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Star Wars: The Line Starts Here...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Anyone waiting for Episode III of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy? Was browsing thru some news sites and there's an article about a dude who claims to be the ultimate Star Wars fan and the best thing is... he's already lining up for the movie. :P

Jeff Tweiten, 24, of Seattle began his vigil outside Seattle's Cinerama Theatre on 1 January and has vowed to keep his place in line until the film opens on 19 May. What's scary is that Jeff performed similar feats of endurance for the last two Star Wars films.

From the looks of it, he'll be waiting in line for the next 139 days and he says he is concerned about the weather. Oh well it isn't so bad as local shops and businesses are allowing him the use of toilet facilities, and friends are bringing him food.

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