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Becks' BMW sold on EBay

Friday, January 07, 2005

Whoaa...! Here's another way to make a quick buck on ebay. According to AFP, a 1997 BMW once owned by England captain David Beckham has sold for more than £90,000 (RM630,000) – to the dismay of the man who sold it two months ago for less than a fifth of that. Businessman John Pearson said overnight that the realisation of how much money he had lost was "like winning a small lottery jackpot and losing the ticket".

The BMW M3 convertible, bought by Beckham for £42,000 (RM294,000) during his first full season at Manchester United in 1997, sparked a bidding war on Internet auction site eBay, receiving 140 bids. It eventually sold to an anonymous buyer for £90,100 (RM630,700), compared to the £16,000 (RM112,000) Mr Pearson received when he sold it privately two months ago.

Mr Pearson said he had spoken to several car car dealers who told him the blue BMW was only worth a little more than £12,000 (RM84,000) despite its illustrious former owner, now with Real Madrid. Despite getting 60 calls as soon as he advertised the car, Mr Pearson said he had opted to sell the vehicle to the first person who came up with the cash. "I'm pretty annoyed. If I'd known I would never have let it go for that price. You just have to learn from these things," he said. "I will follow my own instincts in future and I've written those BMW dealers off my Christmas list, that's for sure."


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