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24 is back!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Yay! My fave show 24 is back! For the fourth season, Fox decided to kick off the season with a special two-night 'miniseries' premier consisting of the first four episodes airing on Sunday (9/1) and Monday(10/1) evenings in the US.

The season begins eighteen months after the conclusion of Day 3 (season 3). A commuter train bound for Los Angeles explodes. A man steals a suitcase from a passenger in the wreckage and then kills him. Now, 24's hero Jack Bauer has been dismissed from CTU and now works for Secretary of Defense James Heller. As with all other season, Jack is back in LA, but this time round for a meeting with CTU Director Erin Driscoll, who fired him a year ago. However, Jack finds himself alienated at CTU by Driscoll and the new staff when reports of a possible terrorist strike come in.

24 season 4 opener lived up to its' previous 3 seasons' and if you've been watching, there is always a bigger plot and nothing is what it seems. I find 24 to be one of the most innovative and thrilling series on TV (since X-Files). It is interesting to note that in its first three seasons, the series has won Emmy Awards for writing, editing and casting and has been nominated for 28 total Emmys – highlighted by three each for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Sutherland. 24 also has received seven Golden Globe nominations, including three for Best Television Series – Drama, which it won last season; and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Drama for three years, with Sutherland winning once.

24 season 4 retained its unique format with each episode covering one hour of real time and thus, the season will take place during one day.

I've been told that the 24 season 3 DVD set for Region 1 contains an exclusive six-minute prequel that sets up events for the beginning of the fourth season.

Scene 1
Occurs six months after the conclusion of Day 3 and shows Driscoll firing Jack from CTU because of his drug use.

Scene 2
Takes place three months before the events of Day 4 and shows a terrorist sneaking across the U.S./Mexican border, and then killing his accomplices.

Scene 3
Occurs six hours before Day 4 begins and shows Jack and Audrey in a love scene.

Looks like my Tuesday nights will be occupied now. :)

posted by Ivan, 12:19 pm


Season 3 was awesome - saw it on DVD
But Astro is really late. Still repeating Season 2.
I dont think we will get Season 4 until next year.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1/11/2005 02:07:00 pm


yeah.. AXN is really really slow. :)
With broadband connection, I'm sure you can find it via torrent, P2P or IRC. :)
commented by Blogger Ivan, 1/12/2005 03:20:00 pm


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