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Movie review: Meet the Fockers

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Went for Meet the Fockers yesterday after recommendations by both colleagues and friends. As usual, here's my take on the movie.

Four years after the Meet the Parents, Greg (Stiller) and his fiancé Pam are back on the big screen and this time, they are about to introduce Pam's parents Jack (Deniro) and Dina to Greg's parents in Florida. If you're a fan of Meet the Parents, you'll know that this will be a potentially hilarious outing.

At the start of the movie, everything is going perfectly for Greg and Pam – a man gives them his cab to go to the airport, the traffic lights all turn green, they get free upgrades to first class, and there are no problems with luggage. One is reminded, however, that all good things come to an end, and if your name is 'Gaylord Focker', they do so sooner than later. Shortly after arriving at Byrnes's, Greg and Pam learned that Jack has purchased a suped-up RV to travel in, check this out... complete with Kevlar body, bullet-proof windows, stocked refrigerator, full bathroom, and other surprises. With that, the foursome heads to Florida with Little Jack, Pam’s infant niece, apprentice of Grampa Jack, to meet Greg’s parents. Once they've arrived at their destination, the comedy kicks in to full gear.

Without giving too much away, hilarious moments fly fast and furious as everything from the dog flushing cat to babysitting nightmare, all ganging up to drive Greg up the wall and us audience laughing like mad cows at the edge of our seats. IMHO, what made the movie funny was the contrasting behavior of Jack and Bernard. Jack is a serious, organized, no-nonsense kinda guy while Bernard... is just the opposite. Deniro portrays Jack exactly as how he did in Meet the Parents and with his straight face during comedic moments... hilarious. Hoffman was quite good as well and is rare seeing him acting like an idiot. Other members of the cast were just mediocre, but the one person who stole the show was Little Jack. He's quite adorable and it's hilarious whenever he does his baby sign languages. The best part of the movie was when he utters a certain crude word as his first word. hahaha..

Kudos to writers of the movie as they've managed to incorporate fresh jokes and not resorting to jokes from the previous movie and yet keeping each character nuances intact. The jokes are subtle and not too obvious.. everything has a double meaning. Quite clever. Overall, a very funny comedy and a really satisfying outing. This film doesn't make you leave the cinema feeling empty and cheated. If you're a fan of Meet the Parents, a must watch! If you're not, just go and be entertained... :)

Ratings (Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Cast : 4.8
Sound : 3
Picture : 4.5
Storyline: 4.5


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I was particularly impressed with Dustin Hoffman. Thought he was the best of the lot!

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