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Getting sick and Reality TV winner buys AUD$ 1.1 million house

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Damn.. I think I am getting sick, throat itchy, feel cold, headache.. hahaha.. There goes my Christmas hols :(. As usual, was updating myself with online news and I came upon this article on Guy Sebastian (the Fro), the first Australian Idol.

It seems that the Fro is the newest neighbour at Sydney's millionaire haven Palm Beach, which he bought the house for more than AUD$ 1.1 million. News is that his new place is close to where actress Nicole Kidman will spend Christmas this year. She will spend about $38,000 a week to rent a seven-bedroom house. :P

So it would seem reality TV does pay after all. :) I wonder how Jaclyn Victor is doing? :P
posted by Ivan, 2:32 pm


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