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Impact of the Quake

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Was wondering of the impact by Sunday's deadly quake on our blue planet and as if by conincidence, posted an article entitled, Quake likely jolted Earth's rotation.

According to the article, scientists describe Sunday's devastating earthquake off the island of Sumatra as a "megathrust"- a grade reserved for the most powerful shifts in the Earth's crust. So how powerful is powerful? By some estimates, it was equal to detonating a million atomic bombs. :O Thus, scientists said it probably jolted the planet's rotation.

"It causes the planet to wobble a little bit, but it's not going to turn Earth upside down."
- Kerry Sieh, California Institute of Technology geologist,

On a lighter side, Star World will be showing The Apprentice: Season 1 Finale today. Apparently, they'll be showing a 3-hour special! So grab you fave comfortable spot and your popcorns and be entertained by the Donald. :P
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