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Toll Charges and Holidays Plans

Friday, December 17, 2004

Damn... Toll prices are up again!! This time 10% increase on the toll charges for the North-South Expressway and would be effective 1st January 2005. Sighh..

Quote of the day:
“If the Government keeps on trying to make other people happy because of their own popularity, the Government will eventually pay RM38bil in compensation,” - Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu on the toll increase.

Hahaha.. what a joker. :P

Anyways, I got something off the late show with David Letterman last night. :)Everybody’s got plans for the holidays. In case you don’t read the Gossips, here’s what’s up.

Donald Rumsfeld: Giving people the gifts he has, not the gifts they want.

Michael Moore: Releasing holiday documentary about Santa’s ties to the Saudi royal family.

Martha Stewart: Making egg nog out of contraband gin and delousing powder.

Santa Claus: Nothing – the whole operation’s been outsourced to India.

John Kerry: Part-time gig as a department store Santa in Malden, Massachusetts.

Paris Hilton: We don’t know, but I pray she’s videotaping it.
posted by Ivan, 11:54 am


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