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Wierd way to make a buck

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Here's one way to make a quick buck,

According to the Herald Sun, Britney Spears fans in the US are finding some very weird ways to make a buck. They are apparently following the singer and grabbing chewing gum off the footpath when she spits it out. The next step is chucking the chewed-up lump on to eBay and hoping for a fortune. And from the look of things on eBay, Britney must be spitting her way across the US.

(Might be a song title in that).

One seller, xokissezxoxox, is after $700, but the top bid had only reached $15 last night. "She had the pack of Juicy Fruit in her hand, and she stopped to answer her phone. She put the pack down on top of the trash can and spit the gum she had in her mouth out," xokissezxoxox writes. "Then walked away. Being a huge Britney fan, I ran over and took the pack and the gum she spit out."

Another seller claimed to have the gum that started it all and he wanted $650, but the best bid last night was less than a dollar. "This gum has come straight from Britney's mouth as she spat it out in anger at the press outside her LA home in early August," was his sales pitch.

There's even a bit of gum from Australia, supposedly left on the side of Britney's plate after she had a feed at a restaurant, and that's a steal at $180. The most hopeful of all is the seller who has a $7000 price tag on a bit of Britney gum from the night she pashed on stage with Madonna. A chap in London, who claimed to have been the first to auction Spears' gum, was waiting for his $1000 from the winning bidder after his auction closed at the weekend.

It gets worse. A cigarette butt is yours for just $1000, and a corn cob (chewed) is a bargain at 1c. But the trashiest items were three unopened rubbish bags, supposedly collected from outside her Malibu house.


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