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Slow slow week...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's been a boring week so far with nothing interesting to ramble about. Well, let's see what's news in Malaysia.

1. ATM to be relocated in Police Station - The police finally listens to the public by making it more convenient for the public to withdraw money and paying their summonses and the same time. :P
2. Cracks found on KL highway - The highway costing RM238.8mil has been closed pending expert consultation on the safety of the highway. Umm.. can we get a refund on the toll? :PP
3. Habitual snatch thief ‘led a luxurious life’ - Investigations revealed that the suspect had been 'earning' some RM10,000 a month. According to their neighbours, the unemployed couple renovates their house every month and returns home with loads of shopping bag whenever they come home. Yup.. be suspicious of your neighbours! :PPP

posted by Ivan, 11:36 pm


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