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Monday, August 02, 2004

hahaha.. this is so funny.. i've been eating congee for the past 5 days and suddenly I have a huge craving for solid food. What I did next was unbelievable, went looking for recipes.. haha.. yeah, I used to cook while studying in Australia and looking for recipes was part of the cooking routine. Anyways, I found some really good e-recipe books, namely one by Jamie Oliver. Yep, the naked chef. Have anyone seen his show? It's just amazing how he cooks, makes cooking look so cool and simple.

I stumbled upon this site, called Recipezaar. A really good comprehensive database of recipes from around the world. Hahaha.. yeah, was a little desprate for nice food a couple of days ago. Anyways, hopefully I'll recover in the next couple of days. Still can't rally eat anything 'cos it still hurts when I try to chew on something solid. yumm.. I'm gonna try the peanut butter banana sandwich when I'm better. :)
posted by Ivan, 12:58 am


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