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Rowing Controversy

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here's an interesting news from the Olympics. Controversy has enveloped the Australian rowing team at the Athens Games when Australian Olympic rower Sally Robbins stopped rowing with more than 600m to go in the final of the women's eight at Lake Schinias. Robbins let go of her oar and lay back on a team-mate as the crew struggled to the finish line. The crew finished last of the six finalists, after being placed third at the halfway mark.

After the race, it has emerged one of Robbins's crewmates threatened to throw her out of the boat and several others launched tirades of abuse, accusing her of "giving up".

I can't believe having this kind of behaviour in a high-level event like the olympics. Imagine the team training for the past four years only to get screwed by one whiner who's emotionally and physically drained. The crewmate only threaten to throw her out. If it was me, she'll be swimming back to shore. muhahaha... c'mon, she made the team lose a medal. At least there is satisfaction in the throwing. :P
posted by Ivan, 3:22 pm


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