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Finally, Man Utd wins!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

9Whew.. I was beginning to lose faith with Man Utd this season. Yesterdays' game was so-so with Man Utd dominating most of the 90-minutes against the newly promoted Norwich City. It's actually quite frustrating to watch the game as Man Utd has ample chances to score but they just could not put the finishing touch to it. David Bellion opened Man Utd's goal account with a header 10 minutes before half time. IMHO, the highlight of the match was Alan Smiths' volley in the goal. Genius!! The game ended in 2-1 in Man Utd's favour. With a team like Norwich, I was hoping for a 4 goal margin. But with many Man Utd big guns on the bench, this is the best they could do, for now...
posted by Ivan, 9:56 pm


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