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muahaha... experiment!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Went shopping for my glasses today with a friend of mine and on the way to the car park, I was thinking of doing something I've not done for quite a while. Hehe.. You guys can try this if you got lotsa time to waste. Anyways, I told my friend that both of us start looking up at something at the top of the complex (you can see all five floors of the complex from the concourse) and we'll see how many idiots will start looking at what we're looking. Effortlessly, ppl walking pass us started looking up. Hehehe. it's quite funny.. cos it's like almost immediately they'll look up for a couple of seconds and look at us to see what we're looking at. Just a little funny experiment to try. :)
posted by Ivan, 9:23 pm


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