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Let the games begin!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Ahh.. what a weekend. The olympics, the English Premier League and Formula 1!! Looks like an interesting month ahead with the best-of-the-world competing with one another for the glory of the Olympics. Well. events that interest me would be swimming, track and field. I reckon the aussies will dominate the pool while the yankies will the track and field.

Looks like Man Utd will be heading to another bad season. They lost to the newly rewamped Chelsea squad by one goal. So far, I think the trouble with Man Utd is in the midfield. There is no one creative enough to fuel the Man Utd attacking engine. We shall see what will happen as the season progress. Hopefully the injured Ruud, Saha and Ronaldo will be back to get the Man Utd engine going again.

Sighh.. Looks like Ferrari has done it again. Winning the constructor's title with the nearest contender, Renault 111 points away. Schumacher has made history again with a record 12th win of the season. Looks like nothing will stop him from winning this year's driver's championship.

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