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APEC's $250m security cracked by comics

Friday, September 07, 2007

A prank by a TV comedy crew has turned into an international incident and it could end up making a laughing stock of the entire (APEC) security machine.

$250 million was spent to keep dignitaries safe... and 11 members of the comedy show, one dressed as binLaden, drove through two security checkpoints before being stopped within metres of President Bush's hotel.

The Cast members put together a sham motorcade, hiring two motorcycles and three cars on which they put Canadian flags. Police waved the motorcade through two checkpoints before pulling it over near the hotel.

Here's the 'security' tag they used to penetrade the security measures...

The 10 men and one woman were charged under new APEC laws on entering a restricted area without justification.

Police are furious about the prank... "I don't see a funny side to what's happened today. I don't see a funny side at all," NSW Police Minister David Campbell said.

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