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The Hottest Day of My Life!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

January 1, 2006 was the hottest day of my life. Can you believe it? being brought up in a tropical country, I never experienced anything above 36 degrees... until Sydney, Australia.

It was 44 degrees on the first day of 2006... the second hottest day recorded in the history of NSW. It was so hot that the monorail system had to be halted due to overheating.

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While walking around the city, I had bottles after bottles of drinks... shops like 7-eleven was packed with ppl and to make things worst, not many shopping centres were open on the 1st. Seriously, air-cond from cafes and fast food never felt better!

I'm still trying to find time uploading my pics from the New Year trip to Sydney. HOPEFULLY by tomorrow... still havin' a holiday hangover.
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