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Things You Don't Want To Hear The Morning After Your Office Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yay! Christmas is just 'round the corner! 4 more days...! Interestingly, there are lots of Christmas party around the office... something I never had while working in Malaysia... drinks, gatherings, lunches, secret santa, and more drinks... Image hosted by

So, if you are having one of those Christmas party in your office, here are some things you don't wanna hear the morning after;

"Dude, are those you pants?" Image hosted by

"I've never seen anyone drink so much photocopy toner."

"Hey, dude, thanks for the kidney." Image hosted by

"You should sue the guy who posted those photos on the web."

"Hey, dude, thanks for your other kidney." Image hosted by Image hosted by

"What time this morning did the paramedics dislodge your head from the bin?"

"umm.. no this is not XYZ Corporation."

"Security! He's back!"

Image hosted by
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