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Top 5 Rejected Names for TV3's Mentor

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

According to TV3, Mentor is another a talent search show that aims to unearth a new generation of talented singers.

What makes this reality show different? Mentor is different as it involves the mentor’s participation. They get to compete against each other as well. They can speak up on behalf of their protégé when the jury passes remarks about their performance. The pre-selected mentors are Siti Nurhaliza, Zainal Abidin, Nora, Noraniza Idris, Liza Hanim, Hattan, Ning Baizura and Cat of Ruffedge.

I just wanna say that the talents in Mentor are not as good as those from the popular AF or Malaysian Idol (due out end of this week). Nonetheless, it's a resonable entree before the meal. :)

Here are the Top 5 rejected names for the show:

5. TV3 Idol
4. Mental
3. Murid
2. Master
1. Torment
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