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American Idol: Down to the final two

Friday, May 20, 2005

It's down to the final two on American Idol. As expected, it'll be Bo vs Carrie! What an incredible season it has been. I reckon, yesterdays' episode was one of the best I've seen on the American Idol franchise. Someone needed to step up with this season's answer to Fantasia's show-stopping "Summertime," and Bo did just that — but topped it tenfold with his goosebumps-inducing a capella rendition of Badlands' "In a Dream."

Simon Cowell delivered one of his best lines of the season after "In a Dream": "You may have just put 34 musicians out of work." And our fave Paula seemed back to normal. Here's the interesting thing, according to Seacrest, there is just over 1% separating each contestant... how close can that be? Nonetheless, someone have to go and Vonzell was voted out. Since she made the top 3, I am sure she'll get a recording contract.

IMHO, Carrie's lucky to be in the finale. However to beat Bo, she's going to need a miracle.

Here's my take... Bo Bice will be the next American Idol. Bo not only gave the performance of the season yesterday, he gave arguably the second and third best, and all of the songs were completely different. He's got versatility, personality and on top of that, he seems genuinely humble. Ok... check out Simon's posting for another explanation.
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I agree... Bo rawks!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5/20/2005 10:54:00 am


Yeah go Bo!
commented by Blogger Keen, 5/20/2005 07:14:00 pm


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