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Reality TV: The Contender

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I think I'm turning into reality-tv buff. I've just noticed that besides 24, Las Vegas and NCIS, the shows I watch every week are reality shows; Survivor: Palau, Amazing Race 7, The Apprentice, Queer Eye, American Idol :P and now...

The Contender

The Contender is the brainchild of Mark Burnett, the man behind such reality TV blockbusters as Survivor and The Apprentice. The Contender premiered on AXN last night and I would say, this reality series looks like it could go the distance, from human drama to underdogs to trash talking and... rocky-styled soundtrack.

This series brings together 16 middleweight boxers from different geographic, ethnic and economic backgrounds to compete for the chance to fight in a USD 1 million match at Casaer’s Place in Las Vegas.

The show starts with the contestants dividing into "East" and "West" teams. A challenge pitted both teams in carrying three large poles up the very steep slope of Mount Lee in L.A.'s Griffith Park. The third pole was locked with a combination lock, and the combination for each lock was posted on road signs along the way up; each team sent a runner ahead whose job was to unlock it before the team got there. For the winning team, the reward is the opportunity to pick its boxer and his opponent.

This is where it gets interesting, the winning team strategize to pick thie least-experienced boxer to fight the losing team's smallest guy. However out of nowhere, there was a volunteer to who wanted a chance to fight the oposing team's top fighter (early favourite to win the USD 1 Million prize money). The team were having reservations about that decision but if they could pull it off, the other team will crumble. The announcement caught everyone by surprise, including co-executive producer Sylvester Stallone and six-time world champion Sugar Ray Leonard.

In the main event, spectators (including Chuck Norris and James Caan) were treated to a five-round slugfest... I'm not gonna spoil the show for those who wants to watch this series, all I could say that five-rounds were a lot of punches, intensity and emotions.

Overall, great series for boxing fans and altough I'm not, it's still interesting to watch what boxer's go through before and after each fight.

Here's my New weekly TV-schedule:

Monday: NCIS, Las Vegas
Tuesday: 24, The Contender
Wednesday: Survivior
Friday: American Idol
Sunday: The Apprentice

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