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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Here's an update on Xbox 2. Having to own an Xbox, I am actually excited with all these news. Until Microsoft makes an official announcement, information below will be classified as rumours.

1, Name has gotten word from one of thier trusted source that Microsoft has pretty much settled on a name for the next Xbox: the Xbox 360. The source, who has worked on several projects involving the Xbox and the Xbox 360, has seen the proposed packaging and other design elements for the new console, and says that as of right now the console is being branded as the the Xbox 360. That’s definitely not that first time we’ve heard that mentioned as one of the possible names for the next-generation Xbox; last year a marketing firm conducted a survey where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more “next-gen” (apparently Microsoft was worried that calling their new console the “Xbox 2” would make it seem older or less “cutting-edge” than the PlayStation 3).

2. The Console
Here are more info from's reliable source: One, that the Xbox 360 is definitely going to come with wireless controllers; and two, that it’s going to have an optional hard drive that attaches to the top of Xbox 360 “in a really slick way, almost like the hood scoop on a muscle car.” Better still, “You’ll be able to add the hard drive afterwards without having to take the box apart if you didn’t buy the hard drive version of the Xbox 360.” Hmm... Looks like there are going to be (at least) two versions of the Xbox 360 available when it goes on sale, one with a hard drive, and one without.

Another source on the internet says that Xbox 360 is 'a sleek silver device worthy of counter-top display and features an inhaled design that turns the harsh angles of the original Xbox into sweeps and curves'. The device will also be able to stand upright or on it's side, much like the Playstation 2. The side of the 360° is dominated by an oversized, back-lit power button called the ring of light and the rest of the case can be customized with colorful designer face plates that you can pop on and off.

Wow.. looks like the console war will be fierce this time round with the realease of Nintendo's N5 and Sony PlayStation 3. Rumours are these consoles will be out in time for Christmas 2005.
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