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F1: New season, new rules

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The 2005 season of Formula 1 will start this weekend (4th March 2005) in Melbourne, Australia. Here's what F1 fans should know about the new rules.

For the past 3 seasons, Michael Schumacher aka team Ferrari triumph seems to have become somewhat of a tradition in Grand Prix racing, the introduction of a new set of rules each year seems to become tradition as well. This year is no exception as well. The reasons for these changes? Amongst them being the need to make the sport more 'cost-effective' and the desire to slow the cars down, another words- to prevent a Schumacher run-away victory again. :P

On with the new rules...

For the first time, the ten-cylinder motors with a three litre cubic capacity will have to be used for two races. If the engine has to be replaced due to a mechanical problem, the driver will be relegated ten places on the starting gird.

Also new is the rule pertaining to the tyres. Gone are the days when fans would watch in awe as mechanics changed tyres during pit stops with breathtaking speed. Instead, teams have to decide before the qualifying which tyres they wish to use as only one set is allowed for the race and the qualifying. In the free practice session before the qualifying, teams will be allowed to test two sets of tyres before deciding which ones to use. If, during the race, the tyres are damaged without the driver being at fault, they can be replaced during a pit stop, but during such a stop, no petrol is allowed to be put in the car.

In an attempt to reduce the speed of the cars, changes to their aerodynamics have also been implemented, which, it is feared, will substantially reduce the power of the cars.

Arguably the biggest change has occurred in the area of the qualifying, where no longer one single session decides on the starting grid. At the first qualifying session on Saturday, the drivers start in the reverse order of the last race, ie, the winner starts last. The second qualifying session is held on Sunday morning before the race and the drivers start in the reverse order of the first qualifying session. Both lap times are then added and these determine the grid positions for the race.

IMHO, these changes will definately change the teams' race strategy in terms of pitstops. However, luck will definately play a big factor as well with the one tyre, one engine rule. Bad weather and an unrealiable engine (for smaller teams) will cost you the race this time round.
posted by Ivan, 12:01 pm


I reckon as long as Schumi doesn't win the race, it'll be a good race. :D
commented by Blogger Ivan, 3/01/2005 04:53:00 pm


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