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Office: Relying too much on emails

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nowadays, we rely too much on emails to disseminate information to everyone in the office. Everyday, I get announcements like, Maintenance today, pls log out from your pc or pls be informed that (name) is on MC or backup complete, you can log in to (system name). IMHO, we rely so much on the email technology to keep us updated on what’s going on around us. Gone are the days of internal memo or announcement boards.

There was this hilarious announcement I received. It was during a blackout in the building where our office is located. After the power came back on, I turned on my PC and then my Microsoft Outlook, the first message I got was from the IT dept,

Power is back on, you can turn on your PC now.


Damn.. my xbox can't be revived... oh well.. look like I gotta send it for servicing.
posted by Ivan, 11:30 am


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