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Wet Cineplex

Friday, March 25, 2005

Crap.. it's been raining on days when I wanna go for my tennis lessons. It was raining heavily on Monday and when we reschedule to Wednesday, the same thing happened. BUT guess what? on Tuesday.. no rain, Thursday (yesterday), no rain.. :P I am never gonna finish my lessons at this rate.

Talking 'bout rain, I have this interesting experience while working in TGV 1 Utama cinema. It was 7 years ago, when I first started in TGV. The day began nicely with birds chirping, clear blue sky, bright sunshine.. the works.. anyways, in the afternoon, dark clouds gathered, rain started pouring heavily (Malaysian weather :P), visibility was like < 10m.

Coincidentally, there was a new show called Hard Rain which just begun its' screening. Starring Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman, this movie was set during a massive flood started by a dam accident in a small town, an armored truck guard who gets robbed by a group of robbers.

I was on usher duty that day and it was around 4-5pm, when this lady came out of the cineplex screening Hard Rain... all drenched (!). You should have seen the look on the lady's face and mine too... I have seen many things in the cinemas but getting drenched inside the cineplex? She was in shocked... I asked her? What did you do? What happened? She just laughed... few seconds later, other patrons start coming of the cineplex, all soaked and drenched as well. There's even this lady coming out with an opened umbrella. It was the sight of the moment.

I went into the cineplex to see what was going on. It seems the water from the rain was coming into the cineplex from the ceiling. Further investigation suggest that the drainage on roof carpark (located directly above the cineplex) wasn't working, thus the water accumulated and the ceiling somehow gave way. This results in the pouring of water in the cineplex.

Anyways, there was this soaking wet big Indian guy commented that the 'special effect' of the movie damn power.. everyone came out wet.. hahaha... anyways, the management refunded the patrons for the movie with an option to watch the movie at different times.

posted by Ivan, 11:27 am


i thought Hard Rain is a few years old already. i've seen it on TV2 and HBO. weird??? are u sure? maybe it is Hard Rain 2
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/26/2005 03:00:00 am


Yeah... 7 years ago.. :)
commented by Blogger Ivan, 3/26/2005 03:04:00 pm


hahaha that's hilarious. it's great that the patrons have good sense of humour after being drenched. i would have been pretty pissed.
commented by Blogger cccp, 3/26/2005 06:19:00 pm


hahaha... probably it's just the irony of the moment... if it were other situation, I'm sure ppl would be pissed...
commented by Blogger Ivan, 3/27/2005 08:09:00 pm


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