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Half day today

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crap... my XBox died on me yesterday. For no reason, the dashboard failed to boot-up and thus, can't load any games. Shite...! There goes my entertainment. I am exploring several options to try to revive it, looks promising so far. :)

I am on half day today and will be going on a movie marathon today! muahahaha.. haven't done this for a long time... since the Bad Boys 2/ Tomb Raider 2 marathon. Will be going for House Of Fury/ Robots. Hope it's not too heavy. The thing about movie marathon is that, in the mid of the second movie, ppl will tend to get mentally tired. While working in the cinema, I've seen some dude do 3 movies in a row... I saw him outside the cinemaplex in the mid of the second movie and he was saying he needs a rest. :P

Here's my tip after the disastrous Bad Boys 2/ Tomb Raider 2 outing.
1. Watch slow movies first leave action and comedies to the last
2. Have at least 15 mins walk around... It help to stretch yout legs
3. Sneak in some food/water (mineral water better)
4. Sit at the back. Sitting in front gives you a bad headache after 2 shows.
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