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Incomparable to Jay World Tour 2005 concert

Monday, January 31, 2005

Went to Jay Chou's, 'Incomparable to Jay World Tour 2005' concert on Saturday and it was awesome! hahaha.. the best thing is, I don't even know his songs...! :P Was actually accompanying GF to the concert... nevertheless I was surprised at the energy of the concert and at the same time, how entertaining it was as well.

Anyways, I actually bought the RM312 tix with 20% early bird discount, thus sitting in the VIP area. I was actually quite surprised that most of the ppl seating in that area are young-screaming-teenage girl. Seriously... before the concert, they were screaming at everything Jay Chou.. Panasonic ads, promotional clips... :P crazy.. The concert started at around 8:30pm, and when Jay Chou appeared on stage, everyone stood up on their seats.. some even took the opportunity to go in front to grab some pics.

The concert went for two-and-a-half hours and Jay Chou sang most of his hit songs and I would say he is an excellent entertainer as most of the 20,000 audience sang with him for most part of the concert. I did not count how many songs he sang but according to the Star newspaper, he sang 26 tunes. I was most impress by his talent. He played the flute and did a piano duel (not really a duet, they seem to be challenging each other) with one of his guest artiste (ala Maxim style). Incredible stuff..!

In terms of audience interaction, Jay Chou didn't quite interact much with the audience, besides the usual, How are you Malaysia and Thank You! However, he actually manage to say Terima Kasih (Thank you in Bahasa Melayu) and sang the Malay folk song, Rasa Sayang. Joining Jay on stage were guest performers, Nan Quan Ma Ma and the sultry songstress Landy Wen. They did quite well to keep the concert going non-stop.

The lighting and the sound was excellent. It actually compliment his songs quite well. There were fire works, sparks, flames, smokes coming out from the stage. Cool. Being seated in front, I can actually feel the wind from base and the floor vibrate. :) nice.

Overall, an excellent concert with the right energy and entertainment level. At the end, he actually did 3 encore as the audience keep shouting his name after the lights go out. Never seen 3 encore before in a concert. The only complain I had was that the organizers did not incorporate crowd control in the VIP section. Everyone was just rushing to get in front and pushing each other everywhere... it was chaotic for the first hour. After the RELA officers came in, everything was much more in control.
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