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Drive: TV Series

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The next time you're cut off by a crazed driver on your way to work, cut him a little slack. He could be racing for his life.

"Drive" is an action-fueled drama following a diverse group of Americans driving for their lives (or the lives of their loved ones) in a sinister, cross-country road race. Some of them have been coerced into joining The Race; others have sought out The Race themselves, hearing rumors of the $32-million prize. Each has a reason to compete. And each must win for their own personal reasons.

The twist is... the group does not know exactly whom they're racing against, or even where the finish line is.

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With each mile clocked, the drivers get closer - not only to the end of the road and a critical, life-changing victory, but to understanding the mystery behind The Race itself.

Yeah.. think of it as a cross between The Amazing Race and Fast and Furious. If the plot holds, I reckon this series will be a success...

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posted by Ivan, 9:44 pm


i watched the first 4 eps, thot it was ok only, but decided to keep watching cos i've finished all my other tv series, then found out that the show got canned after 4 episodes! wished i'd known that before i got started...
commented by Blogger quop, 6/22/2007 09:33:00 pm


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