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It's a Wii wourld out there!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Most of you already know that I got myself a Wii a couple of weeks back... after waiting for AGES for the launch...

I've finally got my Wii...

I must say I was really impressed with the technology of the console... and we had tonnes of fun inviting friends over for a few games and so far.. everyone had a ball!

Everyone (including me) was moving, waving the Wiimote around like monkeys! hahaha.. we had a four player session and it was HILARIOUS just watching people play!

I reckon Nintendo did not expect the console to be this popular... it was sold out in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia. Seriously... you can't find the nunchuck attachement anywhere here in Brisbane. MAD!

The most amazing thing is Wii outsold the PS3 almost everywhere... Forums around the net are having a field day bashing the PS3 with reports that there are ample stock of PS3 with Wii on the endangered spicies list... no one seem to be able to get it from anywhere!

The secret of success of the Wii is that Nintendo managed to convert non-gamers to have fun with the console... it's easy... just pickup and swing. From this him...

to them...

... even her!

No more complicated buttons or inverted looking games. Anyone can play...

I wonder how long will this trend last? Found a hilarious video on youtube which practically sums up my feelings for the Wii.. hahaha... Watch as this dude's Wii Tennis enthusiasm gradually declines and then reclines into an armchair of lethargy.

Sweeping social statement regarding humanity at large, or an amusing jab at the wagging favorite machine? Either way, Wii I would say have changed the course of console gaming... for the better.
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