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F1: Picture with Sauber Petronas drivers

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Was at the Petronas F1 grand Prix promo yesterday at KLCC and I managed to get both the Sauber driver, Filippe Massa and Jacque Villeneuve pictures and autograph. :)

Here's the time log of the event:

1300 - Arrived at KLCC. Surprisingly early as roads leading to KLCC were quite clear.

1310 - Rounding around the underground car park for a place to park.

1320 - FINALLY, found a space to park. The car park is quite stupid. The management actually block off ramps leading to other levels. Thus, all cars are just rounding around the same area looking for space and to make it worst, there were stand still jams within the car park!

1325 - Arrived at the concourse area. Petronas had set-up various booth selling Sauber memorabilia and exhibition booth on F1 technology. Thought I saw one of my fren... Tried looking for her but there were too many ppl crowded around the area.

1330 - Line opened to fans for meet the drivers. Managed to get in line. haha.. just found out that my camera is low on batt. Oh no..! Hopefully I'll able to get some photos with the drivers.

1335 - Told Dillon the plan, just take the picture with me and the drivers. If the camera die, just act normal.. haha..

1340 - Finally, the announcer announced that the drivers are here... but she'll introduce the grid girls first and detail of the plans for this event.

1345 - The drivers make their appearance. As usual, they were asked several questions (e.g. how was your stay in Malaysia, do you know any malay words? ...) Here's the surprising thing, Massa started waving to someone on the 5th floor. First thought was he was waving at the crowd on other floor. Then he took the microphone and said, "For all of you who don't know, that's Rubens Barichello!". Barichello then started waving at the crowd from upstairs. I wonder if anyone managed to spot him?

1340 - Autograph session starts. Ppl are bringing F1 car models, posters, headshots and mags for the drivers to sign.

1350 - Damn! Still no where near the drivers.

1355 - Muahaha!! Reached the drivers. They were nice to allow me to take photos with them. :) Didn't wanna take their autograph but just grabbed some anyways.

1358 - Wow.. hahaha thank God! My camera died after the shot with Villeneuve. *whew*

1400 - Didn't stay for the rest of the event, but the line was still quite long and I would say Petronas did a good job with the crowd control this year. Things are more organized and there are no shoving to get to the drivers compared to the other years. But I do feel sorry for the drivers, hahaha.. they look really bored especially Massa as he was just signing autograph like a robot. Anyways, heard that there will be a fashion show and performance by a local boy band later... who cares.. hahaha..

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posted by Ivan, 10:57 am


awesome. lucky of u to get to rub shoulders with the drivers. i can't imagine i had to push and shove the crowd on sunday to not even getting a shoulder-to-shoulder photo. but i guess there's this different feel to it. where did you get to see the b.a.r?
anyways, check out my new post on the toyota rev party.
commented by Blogger cccp, 3/17/2005 10:00:00 pm


yeah.. you're right.. it's a different atmosphere altogether... :)

the BAR? they were at the curve last week.. I'm not sure if they're still there but it seems BAR is having some promo in Midvalley till the 20th..
commented by Blogger Ivan, 3/18/2005 01:23:00 am


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