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What th...? Transformers the Movie

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ahh... I was so so excited when news about Transfomers: The Movie surfaced on the net. 2 years on, I am still excited but when I saw both Prime and Megatron... I am not so sure...

Here's the ORIGINAL Octimus Prime... from the 80s.

... and here's the movie version:

IMHO, it's actually not THAT bad... it's got that modern-arty look. Wait... here's our fave super villian: Megatron.

The original

The new crappy looking model

Yeah.. Megatron looks really really crap bad... Looks like those metalic sculpture made of recyclable junk and scraps of aluminium (sample below).

Hey.. at least it's environmental friendly!

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posted by Ivan, 9:43 am


Yeah, me trolling again....

I really really love the Transformers. In fact, probably my favourite all time cartoon.

Man, the 80s were the best when it came to cartoons - Transformers, GI Joe, He Man, She Ra, Care Bears, Visionaries, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Starcom....There's nothing like these today....

Anyway, dude, we should go as a group to watch Transformers The Movie when it comes out in cinemas. I heard it'll be July? *shrugs* Make sure u let me know, eh.
commented by Blogger Mr DT, 3/28/2007 06:58:00 pm


Oh another thing:

Actually, if the movie version is going to look like those pictures, then hmmmmm I dunno lah whether I absolutely want to go watch it. We shall see.

Anyway, unlike some people, I actually like Megatron/Galvatron. In fact, I'd say Galvatron's my favourite. People go for Optimus Prime just coz he's leader of the forces of good, but I guess I'm not a sheep ;) Maybe I'm just evil LOL.

Just love Megatron/Galvatron's gun - so powerful. Ka boom, it does a lot of damage.
commented by Blogger Mr DT, 3/28/2007 07:04:00 pm


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