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Remember the first time you fell in Love?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cardiff was exceptionally exciting. Waayy beyond my expectations. My impression was that it's gonna be a countryside town with nuthin' to do but count the cows and sheeps as they crawl by... was I wrong! The city is lively and there are more than enough activities to keep you occupied.

Anyways, I got a thought during the last few days and I think it's worth sharing. Yeah, just think of me as the wise long bearded guru on top of the mountain sharing some words of wisdom.

In a relationship, after being with someone for a long period of time... we somehow begin to take things for granted and we don't try as hard to compromise or make it up to that person. Arguments and disagreement then becomes a norm and spending time together seem like a chore.

Remember what it is like falling in love for the first time again?
- Everytime you look at her, her smile melts your heart and makes it go faster.
- Sitting so close to her that you can smell the shampoo that she uses and find her so irresistable.
- Taking a nice long stroll with her in the park, talking about everything and anything without a care in the world.
- Having coffee in the cafe with her, watching the world go by and not saying anything and it feels like you've had a great time together.
- Eating and cooking dinner together.
- Randomly picking a spot in the park and lying down on the grass beside her, watching the clouds float by.
- Cute... Waking up early just so you can see her snuggling her pillow... adorable!
- Preparing and going for picnic trips with her on the beach.
- Lying in bed just talking to her before dozing off to sleep.
- Standing next to her while washing the dishes together.
- Going on shopping trips with her and giving her opinions and toughts on dresses and being a gentlement, offering to hold her shopping bags.

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