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Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is quite funny... according to AFP, a Japanese woman who hired a "hitman" over the Internet to murder her lover's pregnant wife has been arrested - after she complained to police that he never carried out the killing despite being paid $US136,000.

Police said they had arrested Eriko Kawaguchi, a 32-year-old rescuer at Tokyo Fire Department, as well as 40-year-old Koji Tabe, a self-proclaimed detective who allegedly promised to kill the woman with a deadly chemical.

In January, Kawaguchi found Tabe's phone number on "contract murder" websites and asked him to kill her lover's wife after learning the woman was pregnant, a police official said.

"Kawaguchi is single and has told police investigators that she felt betrayed by him after learning about his wife's pregnancy," he said.

Kawaguchi paid Tabe some 15 million yen for the contract murder but grew suspicious when Tabe had still failed to carry out the killing seven months later.

Frustrated with the lack of progress in the murder plan, Kawaguchi went to the police in July to complain about the scam.

Police were investigating whether Tabe actually tried to kill the woman.

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